Des Herzenslogik!

Huhu (:

Also,die Texte hab ich alle selber geschrieben,wenn ihr sie kopiert,sagt mir doch bitte,wenigstens Bescheid,ja?



I cried because of you,

I had let me hurt because of you

I would do everything for you!


Everyone misunderstood me,

I will only a life without pains ,

but you hurt me all days!


Would you hurt me?

Do it,but I don't stay & wait for you

then you can see,I'm going.....


Before you came,

I don't know what love is,

now this awareness,

kill me inside,

because I know,

that I lost!


You had stolen my heart,

play with it,

hurt it,

but you don't give it back.


Would you hurt it more?

Im hopeless & lost,

please don't hurt me more!

Yes,you had me hurt more!


I miss you,

but you hurt me ,

so I'm alone with my pains!


You said,you became stand by me,

so long my life continue.

But now,you go away?

You promised it!


Make it feel you happy,

when you hurt me?

Than you must often laugh,

because you often ,

hurt me!


Why hurt you your arm,

when you say me,

that I must going?

Why cried you,

when you say me,

what the air is out?


Why say you me,

I was the only,

who make you cry,

when you push me away?


I know,I'm not perfect,

but must you push me away ,

because of this?

Push you me away

,because I'm not perfect?


A life without you?

is not a life,

because you are my life!


I have no words,

for my pain.

But I must live with him,

you had bring me,

this pain,

while you said,

go away!


Why can't you just hold me?

Why you push me away?

Why can't you get me back?

Asks who the answer can give only you!


I can't forgotten him,

it is impossible!

But i must live,

about the thought,

that he not my!


He hurt me so often,

but now i have enough!

good-bye boy,

you had me hurt enough.


I can't remember a life without him,

but i have to,

because he is walk away!

So i'm hopeless,

beause he was the first,

who i'm given my heart.....


know you not,that you want?

you said,i love you,

but now,

you said, go away?

you had hurt your arm,

because of me,

but you said,

a game is the important,

in your life?

you said,

you never let me alone?

but,now you let ma alone!

You broken your promise!!


You sleep peaceful,

while I'm hopeless,

because you had broken my heart!

I given it you,

because I had trust in you!

Now,i'm disappointed,

you are truely stupid!


I'm anything to play for you,

anything that you can hurt.

But I'm not a thing,

i'm a person with feelings,

so why had you play with me?

Why had you so often lie me on?

Make it you feel happy,

when you can hurt me?

Now,I know,

that was a lie,

so i can live ,

with the know,

that you often lie me on!


What should i do,

without you?

All in my life,

had turn round you!

Often I had told only over you,

then I told anything!


I was so happy,

with you!

But you must,

broken this beautiful moment!

So,you have lose me,


I don't came back,

to you & your lies!

Search a now girl,

that you can hurt,

i had enought,

from you& your hurts!....


I say,

I come not back to you,

but one smile from you,

and all my walls broke

& and I would come back to you!

But you,

don't look at me,

so i don't come back to you!....


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